Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan firmly believes Education is the passport to the future, for
tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. The organization has made its mission To
promote education and assist the visually challenged community of Pakistan towards a future with
equal opportunities and a strong social status.
To bring its vision to reality, BRFP is helping parents and students alike to cope with their situation
and mapping down the best way forward.

Child assessment

The most important and elemental stage for a visually challenged student is an assessment of
his/her situation at the right time and being recommended a suitable road map.
BRFP has students coming in from all walks of life and of all ages, some among them are late blind
and are in a state of complete disarray, so it is crucial to assess their condition, control the damage,
and put them back on the road to learning and success.


The expert psychologists and experienced counselors at BRFP have developed with hard work an
assessment framework to provide personalized counseling to the individual suitable to his or her
These counseling sessions provide a tailor-made comprehensive learning road map instead of a one-
size-fits-all approach.
The framework benefits the student as the parents are aware of their child’s needs and can provide
relevant support at home.

Recommended Schools

It is not enough just to establish A road map for the student, the most important part is to put the
student on the right track.
Our linkages Team, after a great deal of research into the structure of different schools available for
the Blind has carefully constructed a manual to recommend the students the best-suited school for
their needs.


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