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The Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan

The Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan (BRFP) is a registered non-government organization (NGO), which was established on 7th of August, 2015 with a purpose to help the blind through providing them with sufficient resources, and proper guidance so that they can move forward in life, and become successful in whatever field or career they choose. The objectives and goals of our organization are to remove the present social barriers and create an inclusive society. We hope to create such a society where the negative metaphors and signifiers are eliminated that misrepresent a blind individual’s image in the society. We plan to do this through the promotion of assistive technology and other necessary resources that can diminish their disability, and help them live their life independently. We aim to establish a system where disabled individuals are encouraged, and rehabilitated, a system which is similar to the ones formed especially for such individuals in countries other than Pakistan. Our motive is to replace the word ‘Disable’ with ‘Capable’.

Our Mission

“To provide all adequate resources and proper guidance to the blind for independent living.” 

Our Vision

“To replace Disability with Capability, and form an inclusive society where all of the negative metaphors and signifiers are eliminated that misrepresents a blind individual’s image in the society.”

Our Plan

1. On the Occasion of World braille Day, We Will Host Another 3-day National Urdu Braille Conference 5-7 Jan 2023.
2. On the occasion of Dr Fatima Shah’s birthday We Will Launch a Booklet for Kids Named ‘Jalaibian’ And Ramadan Calendar.
3.The Next Edition of Limelight Newsletter will be Published On 1st April
4. On the occasion of Brfp’s anniversary We will Launch a Booklet of MATH Braille Signs.
5.On the occasion of International White cane safety day we will be organizing a meta curricular Competition For the youngsters in Our Society



Contact Us

House No R-93 sector 16 A-1 Malik cooperative society Gulzar hijri 
Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 0331-8115883
Phone: 0300-1112737
Email: brfpsindh@gmail.com
Email: brf.pakistan@gmail.com

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