Future Plan

The future belongs to those who prepare for it, and Blind resource Foundation Pakistan has its sights set on several ongoing projects which are to be completed shortly. These projects are in the pipeline and Team BRFP is working tirelessly to complete the groundwork for these projects.

Upgradation of Urdu Braille

It is the need of the hour to promote Braille within the visually challenged community and encourage reading habits to sustain quality education in the community. To achieve this goal it is of paramount importance to bring the Urdu Braille up to modern standards.
Urdu Braille due to lack of attention has deteriorated over time. The absence of a regulatory body on the Urdu Braille code has permeated many discrepancy Urdu Braille code and contractions varies Province to Province. The most detrimental impact of this descent of Urdu Braille is that there can be no standard publications.
BRFP has been working hard to standardize the Urdu Braille code all over Pakistan, the organization took onboard Braille experts from all over Pakistan and had several detailed seminars and conferences providing excellent opportunity to Urdu braille experts, Heads of special education institutes and stakeholders to share their knowledge and ideas about upgrading the existing Urdu braille code and shaping the future of braille literacy in Pakistan. Gaining the cooperation and collaboration of all special education Institutes all over Pakistan and bringing all the stakeholders on one page is essential to get the updated Urdu braille code accepted and generalized.

Conversion of Text Books For Visually Impaired (7 to 12)

BRFP signed an agreement with the Sindh Text Board for the conversion of the entire course from class 1 to class 12 in Braille format while Sindh Board will print the course in hard copy for the blind students. The scope of the project is to provide the visually impaired students of Sindh with quality education for the sake of a better future.

With hard work, dedication and grate focus BRFP has finally completed and handed over the complete syllabus of class 1 to class 6 to DEPD. The organization’s mission is to continue the project and complete the remaining course books from class 7 to class 12.

A New School For Visually Impaired

Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan has been working hard to provide a better academic career to the blind individuals of Pakistan. In this regard, taking into account the contemporary deteriorating condition of blind schools particularly in Karachi, BRFP decided to direct its focus to this very important sphere of life.

With speculation, BRFP developed a compact program of a fully equipped Blind Islamic School. The School will not only provide the blind students a strong academic background but will also educate the students in basic Islamic teachings, such as memorizing and understanding the Holy Quran. The plan includes hiring highly educated teachers for the job, who should also be aware of the alternative techniques to help and guide the blind students. Initially, we aim to begin with primary to level five, and upon establishing A strong and firm ground, intend to move on to higher levels.

We aim to provide an environment where the students are constantly motivated and made to understand a sense of purpose in life, so they could function as better and contributing members of society.


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